“Mush Love” Spore Print Artwork created with mushroom spores


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This piece titled “Mush Love” was created with mushroom spores on a high quality photo print. I grew the mushrooms for the spore prints myself, and I designed the photo based of Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia. His sculpture has been recreated many times replacing the “O” with such things like hearts, paw prints, or recycling logos and it was a just asking to be replaced with a spore print!

Artwork is 4 inches by 6 inches and the frame measures 5in. by 7in.
The frame is a brown distressed wood style

Each art piece contains real mushroom spores, these are not prints or copies, each one will be unique.
If you choose to change the frame be very careful not to touch the spores.
They are sprayed with a light gloss sealant to keep the spores in place but any firm pressure will disrupt the pattern of the spores.


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